Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hmm, food!

My voice is back! My boyfriend was so cute, since I had to whisper for a couple of days he whispered too! Kind of funny to see a 6 foot tall guy whispering! :)

I'm craving some sushi! It's been a long time since I went to my favorite all you can eat sushi restaurant... Ginza in Montreal!

But instead I had this for lunch... Pasta with shrimp and soy sauce + hoisin sauce + a little hot sauce. Not too bad, but nothing beats sushi!

And now I'm hungry and it's almost time for dinner... Sushi would be sooo gooood!!

Julie xox


  1. maa You're making me want sushi too! I wonder if I can convince someone to take me there tomorrow...

  2. Hi Julie! Found my way over here via my blog stats! Someone must've visited my site from yours. Glad to see you blogging! I haven't updated mine in a while but thanks to you, I think I will soon! :D

    (Mmmm, I want sushi as well....)

  3. shit julie! that looks freaking good!!! it's nearly midnight here and i really shouldn't be thinking about food. So you are mean to post this.