Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random stuff

Here's a list of all the fantastic things that happened over the last few days:
  • I went to my friend's birthday party on Saturday night and it was great! A bunch of us ended up spending the night there and I didn't fall asleep until 4:30am. I never do that anymore, now that I'm a responsible mom, ha! It was wonderful.
  • I went to the park with Louis-Justin on Sunday. A simple but fun day.
  • I ate sushi a couple of times recently, yum!
  • Yesterday I designed 2 new letter sets that I can't wait to list in my store!

Meet "The Woman In Black"...

And "Guardian Angel"!

Louis-Justin just left with his dad because Nicolas is getting his passport today. My little guy loves going to Montreal, especially when he gets to use the subway/metro! Nicolas is leaving for Chicago next week for a 5 day training for work. It will be nice to have the house to myself for a while! I might ask Mario if he'd like to stay with me and pretend that we live together for a few days while Nicolas is gone! :)

Back to work!

Julie xox

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