Saturday, May 16, 2009

And the winners are...

OK, I wasn't lying when I said that I was leaving for the rest of the day, but it started raining heavily and I wasn't feeling too great anyway, so I decided to stay in.

So here are the photos of the drawing that Louis-Justin and I did this morning!

My little guy and his empty bucket...

All the names, handwritten on small pieces of paper... Do you see yours?

Making sure that all the papers are inside...

Yes, they are!

Now time to pick! No cheating, close your eyes!

And the first winner is...

Congratulations dementia! Here's your Woman In Black letter set!

And since I was feeling generous, the second winner is...

Congratulations Jordana! Here's your Butterfly Fairytale letter set!

And here's one last photo just to show you that Louis-Justin can look serious sometimes!

A big round of applause for dementia and Jordana! I'll need your shipping info as soon as possible. Please send it to: wevegotpaper (at) yahoo (dot) ca

I'm going to be doing different giveaways regularly from now on, so if you didn't win this time, there's always next time!

Thanks for playing!

Julie xox


  1. Omg this is adorable! i love how you documented all of it :) esp the no cheating part! how fun!

  2. I can't believe it...
    Did I really win?
    Oh my God.
    Thank you!!

  3. That is so adorable! I love your son. ^_^ Congrats to the winners!