Friday, May 22, 2009


Something unusual happened yesterday. Louis-Justin and I were taking a walk to the mailbox to send a customer's order. (Her name is Cerrisa - isn't it pretty?!)

It was very sunny, so Louis-Justin was making weird faces!

We were walking back home when an old man on a motorized wheelchair just threw a stuffed animal at us! He said that it was " for the kid". I said thanks and asked him a question, but he didn't answer and just went away. How weird!

Louis-Justin was trying to protect his eyes from the sun, so he doesn't look too happy in the pictures - but he was!

We're going to the mailbox again right now to send another order and a letter to my penpal Marie-France from France!

Julie xox


  1. He's a cutie-pie as always. He needs some shades (sunglasses) - Kai feels like a "rockstar" when he wears any. ;)

  2. oh louis-justin is a cutie alright! What a nice little helper you got there! I'll need a little mailboy myself too! hehe. Can i borrow him?