Sunday, June 14, 2009



  1. Your handwriting is gorgeous! I also usually handwrite. It has only happened once so far that I've typed and that was because life was really busy at that moment and for me typing goes a lot faster than handwriting... It was a letter to a penpal who combines handwriting with typing herself, so she didn't mind.

  2. You're so neat! My handwriting changes day to day and if I'm in a rush or not! I hate my handwriting!

    I definately prefer handwritten letters on lined paper but with a very cool/cute design! Although sometimes, the design looks better when it's not lined and it gives it more of that hand-written feel!

  3. Sweet post ! Lovely handwriting !

    I tend to handwrite anything that's personal and type professional/official mail.
    I don't really mind if the paper is lined or not...but if it's not, I'll put a lined guide underneath :) I can't right straight. At all.
    On the other hand I do chose the paper carefully according to the receiver's taste. This is so much fun !

    Have a great day !