Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It rained so heavily between 4pm and 5pm that there was a flood in my mom's basement. My mom is currently on vacation in France, so guess who spent almost 3 hours playing in dirty water?! Yes, me! And it rained for a few more hours so it only got worse!

My boyfriend lives in a basement and his apartment also flooded, but it wasn't too bad so after he finished taking care of everything at his place he came to my rescue at my mom's house. My knight in shining armor! I was so exhausted by the time he arrived (physically and emotionally) that I just hugged him and watched him do all the work for a few minutes.

Now I'm back home, in my pj's, eating a late dinner. At least my house didn't get flooded!

Who else has had the joyful experience of cleaning after a flood?!

Julie xox


  1. Yuck! Sorry to hear about your stresses. While Oklahoma has certainly dealt with flood conditions, we've never had major house woes with it. Seems like a lot of houses here don't have basements - I think we've only had one that did, when I was a teen. (hugs)

  2. La pluie sur le quebec ca pas dallure c'est temps ci!!!! En plus un refoullement comme si on en avait pas assez lol bonne chance a toi!!