Wednesday, July 1, 2009

O Canada...

To all my fellow Canadian friends... Happy Canada Day!

I mostly identify as a Quebecker (Quebecer- Quebecois?), so I've never really celebrated Canada Day, but I still like my country.

If you live outside of Canada, when is your country's birthday? Do you celebrate it? I know that Americans have the Fourth of July and that the French national holiday is on July 14, but I'm curious about other countries!

Julie xox


  1. Belgium's national day is July 21st. People have a day off and usually there's fireworks, but apart from that people don't really celebrate it.

  2. What! Quebecois do not celebrate Canada Day? I know they're not a huge fan of the rest of Canada but still, it's in the country!

  3. Well, some people celebrate it but I don't know a lot of people who do. Or they just watch the fireworks because they like them, not because it's Canada Day... Our culture is so different here in Québec that I guess most of us identify as Quebecois first and foremost. I'm sure it's different for anglophones though!