Monday, August 24, 2009

Penpal of the Week #11

This week, let's welcome Kendra Kay from the USA!

1. Please tell us about you!

First of all, I'd like to thank Julie for choosing me to be pen pal of the week!

Lets see here... Well, I'm Kendra Kay, and I was born on July 27th, 1991 in Woodland Hills, California. I moved to Orange County, CA for 6 years, and then to my current city, a suburb of Sacramento called Rocklin. I live with my family: parents, 2 younger brothers (Chris, 13, and Matt, 8), 3 dogs (Angel, 14, Maxx, 1, and Bella 3), 1 cockatiel, a hermit crab, and about a dozen fish... Mostly bettas. Yes, I'm a fish nerd!

This is me. :]

I currently work as a sales associate at a maternity boutique in my local mall, and so far, I'm enjoying it! I will also be starting school again part-time, taking English and French on August 31st. I would like to get into a study abroad program sometime soon so I can take a year and live in Paris!

I have a bit of an addiction to stationary and basically ANY writing product! Pens, envelopes, cute stuff, etc. And I recently purchased a typewriter from the 1950's and fell in love with it! So now I would like another one. :] I do adore vintage as well! I collect currency, stationary, stickers, and quirky things. I have an addiciton to Etsy as well! Oh, and I love photography!

I'm a bit of a hippie sometimes. But I also have other interesting qualities. I'm a big believer in the paranormal. I adore tattoos and piercings, and I would get more if I could! Expensive! I also love children!

I love tattoos and piercings, and was planning on becoming a burlesque model, but I haven't quite gotten that far yet.

General contact info!

2. Describe your personality in 10 words!

CARING. I've always been extremely compassionate, and I have a huge heart. It gets me into trouble sometimes though!

UNDERSTANDING. I can connect with anyone most of the time and I do understand what people go through in life. I've been through hell and back (being bipolar among other things), so I'm able to identify.

OPEN. I can talk about anything! Really, ANYTHING!

QUIRKY. Having twelve bettas and liking to go on random city explorations isn't quirky enough? haha.

My random love, fish! This is one of mine... His name is Google. :D

INTUITIVE. I've always been able to zero in on the feelings of others.

CREATIVE. Yes, creative. I love to journal, make things, craft when I can, make ATC's, etc.

STUBBORN. I'm fairly pig headed on occasion.

OPINIONATED. I have a lot of opinions, however I will NEVER push them on anyone. Ever.

SARCASTIC and FUNNY! I have a strange sense of humor that sometimes takes a bit to get used to!

PASSIONATE. I'm passionate about my writing. And passionate about the things I believe in.

3. How long have you been penpalling? How did you first start? Tell us about your first penpal!

I've been penpalling for a few years now. My first penpal that I really connected to is named Monica. She's become basically my best friend and I love her to death. It all started out when I was stuck in a depressive hole and was too scared to leave my home. So I searched for ways to make friends without leaving home. And I just fell in love with the hobby!

4. How many penpals do you have now and where are they from?

My number of penpals changes regularly. I only have a few that write me constantly, and I'm definitely looking for more that are looking for a lasting relationship! I prefer long letters, but short-med are okay.

5. What are your favorite topics to discuss in letters?

Favorite topics... I tend to discuss what's going on in my life mostly. I love hearing about other peoples lives! I also will talk about different global issues on occasions, future plans / hopes /dreams, etc.

My family. :] 2 younger brothers, 8 and 13 at Disneyland!

6. What are you looking for in a penpal?

I'm looking for someone REAL. Someone who will stick around and become my friend! It would be great to have someone to lean on when needed, and have them be able to do the same! I love long letters, so that's always a plus as well! I much prefer female penpals as well.

7. What do you like the most about penpalling?

What do I like most about penpalling... I love that I can be myself. It's so hard for me to explain things through spoken words, but they come out perfect and fluidly once I put pen to paper. I make friends so much easier through penpalling because I'm able to express myself so much better.

I love participating in traveling journals as well as letters. :D

8. In what language(s) do you correspond?

English. :] And I do understand some French!

9. What are some of your habits in regards to letter writing?

Typically, I write my letters on my bed. I don't have a desk in my bedroom that isn't covered in fish tanks. haha. But when I'm in school, I write during classes when I should be paying attention, or before classes when I'm early. I carry a penpalling kit with me in my massive black hole purse. It contains stationary, address labels, stickers, envelopes, etc. As well as a few colored pens (you can never have enough gel pens!). I also keep a notebook handy as well as a few letters if I know I will be writing them while I am out.

It normally doesn't take me too long to reply. :] Depending on work and school. :] Sometimes I get a bit behind, but I catch up quite easily. Oh! And I nearly forgot! I also sometimes use my typewriter to write letters. D: I love the vintage look it gives!

I love to use my typewriter for some of my letters! Gotta love Craigslist right? It's become a bit of an addiction... I love vintage! Especially vintage involving letter writing! (Not my photo)

10. Has anything strange/funny ever happened to you since you've been penpalling?

...To be honest, nothing strange has happened yet! Should I be waiting for something weird to happen? haha.

11. Have you met any of your penpals?

I haven't met any of my penpals yet. :( However, I plan on moving to Paris next year to study, and I'm hoping to take some of my time off to travel around via railways and meet a few of my pals! :D And I'm hoping for a trip to Mexico City at some point to meet one of my pals there, too!

I love photography, and I love Europe. My heart is in Paris. ;]
Note* This was actually taken in Malta.

12. Are you currently looking for more penpals?

Yes! I am always looking for penpals! I love long letter pals especially. :D Any age, but I do prefer female, if possible! Feel free to shoot me an email if you're interested!

Thank you Kendra Kay and send me a postcard if you move to Paris!

If you're interested in being featured on my blog as the Penpal of the Week, please leave a comment with your email address.

Julie xox


  1. I love Kendraaaaaaa :D
    She's one of my penpals - one of my best friends at that. She's such a sweetheart and one of the most interesting people I've ever met !

  2. Hi Kendra, it's so cool you're featured as penpal of the week, I loved reading the interview! xx ilse