Saturday, October 10, 2009

Letter sets you could win!

You have until the 14th to enter the giveaway!

You could win any of these letter sets:

Just go to this post to participate in the giveaway!

Julie xox

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  1. Awh, thank you for the lovely comments :) I just made the long walk to and from the doctor's and was feeling a bit tired and grumpy and coming home to see the comments you left made me smile :) I've actually been thinking of drawing up some stationery designs, but I'm not so savvy with printing know-how and my photoshop skills are all self taught. Your shop is so lovely! I thought the kiwi designs were especially striking. They make me hungry. How long have you had the shop up and running? Your Penpal of the Week section is awesome :) I'm very pleased to have stumbled upon your blog!
    Take care! :)