Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My little painter!

Louis-Justin never showed much interest in drawing. However, he recently discovered painting and he's hooked! So tonight, before he went to bed, I took some photos...

Wiping some paint from his elbow...

He wants to have penpals too so he wrote a "letter" to Ashton yesterday (my pal Ashley's 2 1/2 year old son) and he'll also send him one of his paintings.

He told me that he was painting trains and railroads... And chicks (chickens)! Or was it ducks?!

He's so imaginative! <3

Julie xox


  1. He's so adorable!!! ^_^ And actually his painting is good. I think I would like to see a strip of it on stationary. ^_^ He seems to have a really good eye for color.

  2. Aww, that's great that he's discovered a creative hobby to enjoy! Most kids LOVE paint, hehe. Has he tried finger paint? That's usually a big hit, too. =)

  3. Yes, he likes finger paint as well! It's messier though! haha

  4. cute, you might want to try getting different brushes or cutting up fruit and letting him use it as a stamp. (teacher training kicking in here)

  5. Can't you create stationery with some of his paintings? ;)

  6. Yep, good idea Stephanie! I remember using potatoes as stamps when I was a child!

    Joana & Storm Bunny... You both suggested that I create stationery with my son's paintings - great minds think alike! I'll definitely see if I can come up with something nice, thanks girls! xox

  7. Could be be any cuter?! Seriously!! He is adorable!!! Hes quite the little artist!

    Aww, I was so excited to see ASHTON'S name!! He's going to be sooo happy to get some mail. His face just lights up when I tell him that there's something for him. :] I think its great that our boys can send little things to each other! :]

    Oh! And heres another idea!! Try painting with matchbox cars!! He can drive them through paint and then onto paper! :] Hehe. Ashton loves doing that!

  8. Oh yes Ashley, Louis-Justin mentions Ashton's name at least once a day! It's so cute to hear him say "My penpal Ashton", haha!

    And what a fun idea to paint with matchbox cars! We'll have to try that today!