Thursday, November 12, 2009

Comfortable Reading

Louis-Justin has a new hobby: reading in my clothes basket!

I was doing something in the kitchen a couple of days ago and when I came back in my bedroom, this is what I found:

Of course, I had to get my camera and take a few photos.

This is one of Louis-Justin's favorite books. "Benjamin" (his name in French) is Franklin the Turtle, one of my son's favorite characters ever.

Notice how the corners of the book are damaged? That's because he got it as a baby and loved it so much that he took a few bites. I know that some people don't give books to babies because they're afraid that the pages are going to be destroyed in minutes, but I never cared about that. At least, Louis-Justin developed an interest in reading early in life! :)

Julie xox


  1. I know babies who are know little boys like Louis-Justin that since ever only wanted to
    scratch the books and cut up them. I will do exactly the same you did with your son with mine (who I don't have yet ^^)give them books, why not, they have colors,some have shapes, and in needed I'll tell try to teach them not to damage the books angrily. Some parents see it sometimes and keep staring and smiling... then kids grow and keep doing the same, calling book of garbage.

    Anyway that clothes basket look very comfortable! ah ah ^^

  2. Ha ha ha....he´s so cute in that basket! Wonderful capture Julie! <3

  3. As an avid reader, I approve ;) He's adorable!

  4. Owww, he's simply adorable!!! ^_^ He reminded me also to some pictures I've seen in old Russian tales, drawn by an artist named Ivan Bilibin. He just couldn't be more beautiful!

    It's also so refreshing to see a child read, specially in times like this, where children escape the written words as if it were something evil.