Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some updates!

I haven't slept that much over the last few days, so I'll do this the easy way:

- My son's dad has the flu. The horrible flu. Swine flu. Yes, H1N1. He's never been that sick in his life, but he's finally starting to recover. On top of that, Louis-Justin also had a cold. We all survived, but needless to say that I've been exhausted, taking care of everyone and everything this week...

- I drove my mom to the airport yesterday. She left for Tunisia with a bunch of friends so I'm taking care of her house for the next 2 weeks. Well, there's not much to do apart from getting the mail and making sure that everything is OK.

- I did end up joining Swap-bot. Thanks to everyone who left comments on my blog! So far I've joined a train postcard swap (for Louis-Justin, of course), a sticker sheet swap and a notecard swap. Easy but fun. Feel free to add me as a friend!

- I've been busy with We've Got Paper and I like it. New products are in the makes: grocery lists, pen sets, removable stickers and postcards. My new avocado grocery list should be available in the store very soon!

- I'm going through a weird phase at the moment where I'm happy but sad at the same time. Real happiness and gratefulness, but a deep sadness inside as well. It's strange. There are wonderful people around me who are willing to listen to me and be there for me, but I kind of feel lonely anyway. I think it's because I need to be alone and take care of myself, since I've been taking care of everyone lately.

To end this on a positive note, here's a funny photo of Louis-Justin that I took two days ago. I asked him to show me his tongue and this is what he did:

I love my little guy! :P

Julie xox


  1. I didn't know swap-bot and I joined it after reading about it here. I never did swaps wit foreign people but would like, still not sure about what, maybe envelopes that I use to make a lot or handmade things, but I was seeing there and there are a bunch of things we can swap, almost everything, it's pretty cool. I added you there. In the next days I'll be there researching nice things to swap =P thank for letting me know about it.

    I hope you feel better in the next days, if not look at that picture of your son and give a big smile because that what I do when I look to it, you have a gorgeous and happy little boy!