Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stationery Finds #2 - 2010 Calendars

I do celebrate Christmas, but not in a religious way at all. It doesn't have a deep meaning for me. My son spends the 24th of December with his dad's side of the family, so for the last couple of years it was just me, my boyfriend and my mom.

The New Year, however, is another story. I always look forward to the start of another year. I love making resolutions that I usually end up keeping, for the most part! :) And with every month of December comes the search for the perfect calendar. This time, let me show you some treasures that I found on Etsy! If you see something that you like, just click on the picture to see the actual listing.

Remember Anne-Julie from TheNebulousKingdom that I featured last week? Well, I can't help it, she's one of my favorite artists. Her calendar is simply gorgeous.

Another gorgeous calendar is by Elizabeth from immortallongings. Her Shakespeare illustrations are stunning!

Suzanne from gorjuss is definitely another artist that I admire. The little girls she draws are adorable!

There are 4 printable calendars in ahtamtam's shop, illustrator from Hong Kong, and my favorite is the butterfly one.

If you prefer to have your calendar in French, Caroline and Veronic from carottelychee have a wonderful little desk calendar for you that is also available in English. These best friends live in Montreal so they're practically my neighbors!

Flora from floradouville, who's an artist from France, also has calendars available in both languages. Her designs are simple and very pretty!

This wall calendar by lettercdesign would be perfect for kids (big and small) who love animals.

These funny little animals by falldowntree would be sure to make anyone smile! Aren't they cute?!

Speaking of cute animals, I wish I could adopt one of Megan's creatures from mdstudio. I love the lion!

And for the cat lovers out there, my friend Cathy from cathypeng offers her miniature calendar in 12 different designs. I can't decide if I like Clever Kitty or Mustache Kitty better! Which one is your favorite?

Since we're on the topic of glasses and mustaches, let me show you this funky little calendar by Jenny from behappynow.

This calendar featuring the 4 season men by Anna and Gareth from ableandgame makes me giggle!

If you love public libraries like me, consider getting this funny calendar by Leonie from yesterdaysclothes.

Another one that makes me laugh is the 2010 Calendar of Silly Holidays by Annica from dirtybandits.

For those who like the vintage look, this small calendar by Melissa from prettylittlestudio is a gem.

This one by Valerie from Cabin is just as adorable and it comes with a wooden mini easel stand!

Be the first to purchase a calendar from IntervalGallery! This new store currently has 2 different calendars and this First Aid one is my favorite.

If you prefer to print your own calendar, TayloredArts has wonderful children's illustrations for you to look at all year long!

Looking for something different and unique? This 2010 Menstrual Lunar Calendar by Danae from vivalacraft will help you follow your menstrual cycles and it fits in your wallet!

If you've been following this blog for a little while, the fact that I love sushi is no longer a secret for you. You won't be surprised if I tell you that this Sushi Magic Calendar by Stephanie from stephanielevy is making me drool!

I know that a lot of people like kawaii stuff, so here's a calendar featuring a cute panda by Paulie from parochena. This talented illustrator from the UK is only 18 - impressive, isn't it?!

Ana Isabel, a Spanish illustrator, also designs cute characters. You can get them as purses in her store lovelia or in print on her 2010 calendar!

This giglee calendar by joojoo is too sweet for words! I love the soft, pretty pastel colors.

This mini calendar is made from 12 ACEO art cards and comes with a wood block! Get it from Danita of danitashop who offers free shipping to her American customers for a limited time.

Have you ever seen an accordion calendar? This one by yaelfran is lovely!

In honor of Louis-Justin who loves nice monsters (not the mean ones!), here's a cute printable calendar by Daphne from lacravatteduchien.

For those who prefer simple, geometric, black and white patterns, the two sisters from PAWLING have the perfect calendar for you!

Finally, printing and coloring this calendar can be a fun project for you and your child! Get it from Whitney of AfricanGrey who also offers printed calendars in her shop.

Wow, 28 different calendars by 28 talented artists and designers! I hope you enjoyed my selection! Which one(s) would you get for the New Year?

Julie xox


  1. très belle sélection! i wouldn't know which one to choose... i already had an eye on joojoo's giclee calendar, now i must add the really cool accordion and the silly holidays calendars to my favourites too! merci d'avoir inclus le notre! :)

  2. WOW!! What a lovely collection! Thanks a lot Julie!! xox


    I adore that adorable calendar by Vivalacraft!!!

  3. Thanks so much for including my sushi calendar! I love all your picks - great selection :)

  4. Merci Julie!!!
    Ils sont tous très beaux!!

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  6. Beautiful post Julie!!! Thank you for including my calendar ^^


  7. Aw, such gorgeous finds! I can't pick a favourite :P

  8. Hi Julie

    Thanks for including my calendar! Happy Holidays! :)

  9. WoW! Now I want to get them all! Very nice selection! Thank you for including us :)

  10. Merci pour cette belle sélection, ça facilite le magasinage!

  11. This is a beautiful grouping! The calendars available on etsy get better & better every year! I also have a big, eco-friendly, hanging calendar in my etsy shop. Printed in b&w so you can color it yourself or leave it as-is!

  12. Free printable panorama photo calendar 2010 in English or German -