Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stationery Finds #5 - Robots

Robots are adorable. Yes, that's a fact.

Let me show you some of my favorite paper products featuring robots. To see the listings on Etsy, just click on the images.

Robots in love, aww! These postcards by Jessica of vol25 are too sweet! These cards actually inspired me to start searching for robot stationery on Etsy.

This is just one of my favorite robot cards by Brandi of sweetharvey. She has one for every occasion: happy birthday, missing you, thank you, hello...

Julie from bohtieque has robot stickers, labels and cards, but my favorite item of hers is this cute robot gift label.

This printable booklet, bookplate, bookmark and bag tag kit by Cate of GoMakeMe is a wonderful do-it-yourself project to do with your kid who loves robots.

There's something charming about robot love. Need proof? Take a look at this card by JulieAnnA.

And just a last one to prove my point... Check out this lovely card by Brynne of backwardprints that is printed on tree-free paper made from plant fibers and organic cotton.

This one isn't really cute, but it definitely is funny and makes a perfect get well card for anyone with a sense of humor. Oh and make sure to check out johnstongraphics if you like zombies, as Mike is a real zombie fan himself!

I love this 50 sheet notepad by Teresa of PrettyPixels. I'd probably write letters on it with a white gel pen!

Whether you want custom invitations, thank you cards, stickers, menu cards or favor tags, Heather of chickabug has everything you need in order to throw the perfect robot party.

These pretty robot notecards by Autumn of gedutisdesign can be personalized and they come with matching mailing labels!

I love girlie robots. This one by Lyndsey from lynseandfancy is adorable!

Meet Lionel, the robot featured on crackersart's mini notebook. Sarah also has other cute characters in her shop, my favorite one being the owl.

This pocket notebook by diskgrunt is 100% recycled. Also look for the robot wooden card in their shop!

And since I like supporting sellers who make stuff with recycled materials, let me show you this robot journal by Karl of partybots.

Finally, take a look at this creative little book made by Christy of tiddlyinks. She uses 2 floppy disks as covers and each robot that she draws on the first page is an original!

So, who else likes robots?! Did anyone watch Wall-E?

I hope you enjoyed this selection of robot stationery! Comments and feedback are always welcome!

Julie xox


  1. Love all.. one more time I adore the notebooks, but also the paper sheets, are awesome and sort of funny with the little robots ^^

    Where's the Penpal of the Week of this week? :( I miss it, maybe you didn't had time.. and I am being a bad girl asking for that, sorry.

    Much love,

  2. That's OK Joana, I don't mind you asking! :) I actually wrote a little post titled "break" about 2 days ago... I wasn't doing too well lately and needed to take a little time off, but the Penpal of the Week will be back like usual next Monday now that I'm doing much better!

    And I'm glad that you like the robots! xox

  3. I didn't read it :S when you start following someone we start getting in your account here when they post new things, and in mine it is all the time, sometimes I even have to make some gymnastic to see all of them.. maybe your was in the middle and I didn't saw it... but I'll now.

    I'm happy you are better now, sorry one more time =P

  4. Well, aren't these all adorable. :) I didn't realize how many cute robots there were on Etsy. LOL It is nice that each set is so unique. I love all your neat finds. Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Thank you so much for including my Robot in your selection! I do love robots and they are all adorable - so glad to be included!

  6. Thank you for including my birthday party set! I love all the other robots too - especially the first photo with the real nuts and bolts! Such a GREAT idea!

    Heather : )

  7. THank you so much for featuring my Robot Love greeting card in this wonderful blog post! I love robots! :]

  8. Superbe sélection :-) Ca me rappelle tous ces films : Wall-E, Robots, short circuit,La guerre des étoiles...

    Vive les robots!



  9. Thanks so much for featuring Lionel, Julie! Your other robot finds are awesome. I'm going to start following your blog and will enjoy reading through all your old posts.
    Have a lovely weekend! :o)

  10. wow... thank you so much for the feature! This is quite a handsome collection of robots... If i do say so myself!

  11. Wow there are so many adorable robots! I love it! Thanks for including my notecards!!

  12. i love the robots, they look sooooooo cute! Here in Holland they have all kind of robotclothes at the H&M...they are sooo cool!!!!


  13. Just darling! My boyfriend's daughter loves robots so I get her robot-themed gifts a lot. Thanks for the ideas!

  14. Hi Julie, Thanks so much for including my Robot booklet pdf in your lovely collection!


  15. I really like this section =D
    You always find cute things to show us <3

  16. Absolutely Robotic! thanks. xox, Backward Prints