Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stationery Finds #5 - Valentine's Day

There's one month left before Valentine's Day, so if you'd like to order a card online, now's a good time to start thinking about it!

Here are some of my favorites. Just click on the images to see the full listings on Etsy!

rosydesignsonline has quite a few pretty cards in store (and prints for gay couples!) - buy them individually or in this set of 4.

Meg of olliegraphic designs printable cards with her cute customized characters. She's fun to work with - she made characters that look like Louis-Justin and I last year and I was very pleased with the results!

If you like Meg's characters but don't want to print the cards yourself, you can order them from Sara of saratams who will print them and send them to you via snail mail.

These mini cards by whaleandbee would be perfect for kids but I'm sure most adults would love them just as much!

If you want to have custom cards made for you with a photo of your child, delightdesign has several gorgeous templates to choose from. This is one of my favorites because I love the color combo!

These penguins by Claire of OrangeTwist are adorable. I have nothing else to add! :)

Cammie from thecraftpantry has amazing cards and you can choose your 6 favorite ones when you purchase this variety pack. Only bad news is she only ships to the USA now...

If you're looking for something different (think gothic, punk, alternative, indie), Calan of GingerDead has the perfect card for you.

This card by Tara of blacklilypie is also a little gem for the alternative crowd. Such gorgeous, deep colors!

On the other hand, if you're a true romantic at heart with a traditional side, you will love this card by Julia from thespottedsparrow.

You can also say it in French with this beautiful card by bellaseradesigns!

Give this card by nelladesigns to your favorite coffee lover!

This card by modernemotive is eco-friendly and customized with your name + the name of your lover - so sweet!

Were you made for each other? Then witandwhistle has the right card for you!

Send these 10 mini cards made by shoofly to your favorite crushes! Need just one card? No problem, Rania has a listing for a single card as well.

Mika from Cuore is very creative - I'm impressed with her skills! She has so many cute cards that it was hard choosing just one... But please meet Stewart the Owl!

For turtle lovers like my mom, elenaseasel has a cute 4 card pack with 2 different designs just for you.

And let me end this post by showing you one of my own cards that's actually a postcard. Made by wevegotpaper!

I hope you enjoyed my selection of Valentines! Which one(s) would you give your loved one(s)?

Julie xox


  1. Great selection of cards! Thanks for including mine! : )

  2. Hi Julie, thanks so much for that extensive and adorable list! Thanks for including my love turtles in there....see you around the blogging world!

  3. Thanks for taking the time to find, and post all these beauties! And thanks for including my card in your choices! ;-) Much luck with your shop.

  4. Wow! Awesome collection! All cards are so beautiful. Thanks for showing here. I would like to make some hand made cards like these.
    Great post! Keep posting!