Saturday, April 11, 2009


I wasn't feeling too well for the last couple of days and I didn't want to post a depressing entry, so I just didn't write anything. Nothing bad is going on, I guess the 7+ rainy days in a row that we had last week just affected my mood! But now the sun is finally shining and I'm feeling better!

I'm not doing anything for Easter... I never really cared about this holiday but I did like getting chocolate when I was younger! Louis-Justin will be spending the day with his dad & family tomorrow, so I'll have the house to myself. I wonder what I could do? I have to think of something or else I'll end up working, like usual!

I'm curious... For those of you who work from home or have their own business - how many hours a day do you usually work and how many days a week? For me it's hard to say but I usually do something business-related every day, 7 days a week. Some days I only work for an hour or two and some other days I work 8+ hours. But I'm pretty much thinking about We've Got Paper 24 hours a day, so it feels like I'm working most of the time. At least I enjoy what I do, it's not like it's a chore or anything! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Julie xox


  1. Happy Easter to you too! We don't celebrate either, but I remember gorging on chocolate as a kid.

    I'd say as a fellow indie business owner, I pretty much work everyday. If I don't, then I feel guilty. But yeah, some days it's only a few hours and other days it can be more than eight. It's nice to have that flexibility and to love what you do!

  2. Some days I don't work at all. I just play games on Facebook. Bwahahaha. But when I do, I feel super bleh and feel like I wasted an entire day doing nothing. So I make up for it on other days! Some days I will work more than 12 hours straight. That's what I love about being a freelancer-- you set your own schedule! :)

  3. happy easter! xxx i ate way too many chocolates!

    in my last job i think i was pretty much working overtime..from 10am-5am..i think there were times when i was in the office for 2 days in a row..just finishing on designs and pitches for clients!

    now with my stationery shop..i feel the hours are definitely more flexible but i find that i still put in all the extra hours just because i really love what i do. And i keep wanting to make more stuff..which requires alot of time! eeek!