Monday, April 6, 2009

Animation Movies

I just came back from the movies with Louis-Justin. I have 10 free movie tickets that need to be used this month (let's just say that I bought quite a few cereal boxes recently)...

The movie we watched was Monsters vs Aliens. Has anyone else seen this? If so, I'm curious to know what you thought about it. Louis-Justin liked it - I can say that it was entertaining, but I wasn't too impressed. Not boring, but... plain? Ordinary? Maybe it didn't help that I saw the French version... I always watch movies in English, but Louis-Justin understands French much better.

I've seen a lot of animation movies over the years, but my favorite one has to be Meet the Robinsons! I've cried every single time I've seen it. I just think it's such a positive movie about family and never giving up... If you've never seen it, you should give it a try! :)

What's your favorite animation movie?

Julie xox


  1. Not animation, but speaking of movies...

    You know what's funny? I'm semi-traumatized that I may have to wait until New Moon comes out on dvd before I see it. Jase / Zayna will only be >3months old in November so I can't leave him / her with a sitter, and the noise in a theater is too loud for little ears... :( I know, a new baby is worth it, but I loved those books! ;)

  2. Haha! You're addicted, Tasha! :D

    I went to see Twilight in the theater with Mario and we both thought that it was OK. We liked the movie, but we didn't LOVE it.

    I know that you're a fan though and I think that you read the books first?

  3. I haven't seen either of those movies. My favorite is Lilo and Stitch; I went through a phase (around 3 months) when I watched that movie every single day. I was in college. Haha!

  4. I really loved Curious George! It reminded me of the simple animated movies from when I was a kid, before everything got all computerized and high tech. I also loved the movie "Persepolis" but that's not really a movie for kids, still really good though.