Friday, June 5, 2009

Zoo photos

We had a great time at the zoo, but it was way too sunny so most of my photos aren't that good...

I'll still show you some of them!

Louis-Justin on a train, his favorite thing in the world!

My mom in a fake Jeep...

Say hello to my new friend!

I love giraffes!

Their tongues can be much longer than that.

Up close and personal...

Tiny tongue!

What is your favorite zoo animal? I like most animals, but I've always been impressed by giraffes. I think elephants are beautiful and gorillas make me laugh because they look so much like humans but act like animals... It's hard to pick a favorite!

It's Friday night so it's officially the weekend! Have a great one!

Julie xox


  1. Oh your giraffe photos are the coolest that I've ever seen! I want to go to the zoo too. Especially since I got a new camera recently! It will be so much fun to take photos of all the animals :D

  2. It's been so long since I've been to the zoo! I love animals but my favourites have to be the water ones! Seals and dolphins! I love watching their shows. They're so smart!