Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I'm excited because tomorrow Louis-Justin and I are going to the zoo with my mom! My little guy, like most children, loves spending hours looking at the animals.

I'm obviously going to bring my camera with me, so expect photos in the next few days!

In the meantime, here are some photos that I took when we went to the zoo last summer...

Unfortunately, Mumba died last October at 48 years old.

The name of this elephant is Toutoune!

Toutoune, again...
We named "her" Linda, but maybe that's a male?!

Julie xox


  1. I went to the zoo for my birthday it was tons of fun! I hope you guys have a nice time

  2. Thanks Stephanie!

    When is your birthday? :)

  3. March 17. I went to the zoo and eat sushi and that was my celebraion on the actually say with my parents. That weekend my friends celebrated with me and we had a small tea.

  4. Zoo + sushi!! Must have been a wonderful birthday!

  5. Oh my, your Linda is so cute. :)

  6. oh wow these photos are really nice! your a talented photographer too! I hope that when I go to the zoo that I will be able to take really nice photos of the animals as well. I am such a kid when I go to the zoo. it's always a lot of fun. last year I got to pet the stingrays :)