Friday, July 24, 2009

Bugs and mailboxes

There's a spider on my mailbox! It has been living there for a few days now... I hate killing living creatures, but I don't like spiders, especially not on/in my mailbox. It was there when I opened my mailbox this afternoon to find a delightful letter from my pal Ashley!

I'm not sure what I'll do... I might ask Nicolas to get rid of it so I won't feel as guilty... Mario refuses to kill any bugs and I love him for that, haha!

I went through a phase a few years ago when I rescued every spider I found in the house. I would put a piece of cardstock near them, wait until they crawled on it, then safely bring them outside. I no longer have the patience/courage/motivation.

I also have a few tiny ants near my kitchen sink and I don't want to kill them, but I don't want them anywhere near my food either!

Am I the only one who worries about insects like this?! Maybe that's because Louis-Justin loves the movies "A Bug's Life" and "The Ant Bully"! :) I think that every creature on this earth deserves to live. But... Can they please stay away from me?!

Julie xox


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I always try to take care of spiders. I think to myself that they kill other bugs so their good to have around. Also one year we had a really huge cricket population at the school. I was distracted and I ended up stepping on one of them! I felt so horrid every time I walk past that spot I think how I killed one.

  2. I don't like spiders since I was a child, but they deserve to live. Once someone told that spiders mean money, and so day I had one in my wall in the living room, a litle little one... I left it there *eh eh eh*, It isn't there anymore, maybe it looked for another wall to live.

    How I have something to tell you, yesterday 'We've got Paper' was in my dreams... I can remember the whole dream just pieces, but in some time I remember that I piece of red paper was in the ground and there was written 'We've Got Paper'... :D

  3. Girls, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who thinks that way!

    Stephanie - I'm sure I'd feel guilty if I stepped on a cricket! It must have been terrible! :(

    Joana - It's so neat that you had a dream about We've Got Paper! Woohoo! :D

  4. We don't kill spiders here. The only time we do is if they are crazy-fast + won't let us capture them + in/around my bed! But, if they'll sit still long enough to be put in a cup, then they're safely outside. ;) I actually like spiders, in a from-the-distance kind of way.

    While I would feel bad about spiders and such, I don't have much sympathy for things like water bugs. However, if one wanders into our home when Kai's awake, I can't even smoosh it - he's very compassionate and connected to all living creatures. It's a good thing that he's like that, but I wouldn't mind if he made a rare exception. ;)

    (pause) Ironically, Kai just called me into his room to catch a spider!