Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hot Air Balloons

This morning, when Louis-Justin and I got up around 7:40am, we went outside to look at some pretty hot air ballons in the sky. During the festival, you can usually see them twice a day if the weather is nice: between 6am and 8am and between 6pm and 8pm.

I took photos and here are some of them!

Then I noticed that we could still see the moon, so I had to take photos of that as well...

Louis-Justin was still in his pj's. I took a few photos of him before we went back inside to have breakfast.

Tonight, Louis-Justin and I had a picnic at a park near my house. After we finished eating, we noticed some hot air ballons in the sky so we drove to the place where they take off. I didn't have my camera with me but I wish I did because I could see about 40-45 balloons in the sky at the same time. It was stunning!

There's a hot air balloon festival in my city every year so I'm pretty used to it, but I sometimes forget that not all people have the chance to see the sky filled with beautiful colors every summer... So tell me, have any of you ever seen hot air ballons before?

Julie xox


  1. beautiful photos! such blue eyes! xxx

  2. These are so colorful. I never saw a hot air balloon before, but I want to go up in one.

  3. Thank you Helena!

    And Stephanie, I'd love to go up in one as well! It costs $200 per person though ($160 in the morning).

  4. I remember to see one with all the rainbow colours some years ago when I was in the beach, but it isn't so usual here, it must be amazing to wake up and see the sky with those coloured giant ballons everywhere! By the way the pictures are amazing and your little boy looks an angel :)

  5. Thomas & I rode in a hot air balloon in the very early morning when we were in Egypt last year. I was terrified at first, but such an amazing & beautiful experience. I love that there is a festival so near you! THAT is amazing! <3

  6. Thanks Joana! Louis-Justin IS an angel most of the time! ;)

    And Cindy, you're so lucky! Did you take any pictures?