Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mario <3

My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years. I met Mario on August 15, 2007 and for the first time in my life, I didn't jump into a rushed relationship. We took things slowly. I wasn't used to that! (My son's dad moved in with me a month after we met.) Now 2 years later, I can say that it definitely was a good thing! Mario and I still don't live together, but our bond has grown and strengthened. At times our relationship was like a roller coaster, but we worked through our issues and that made us better persons.

Mario is such a simple, easy going, patient, understanding, carefree, non-judgemental, spiritual guy... I know that he was on my path to help me relax, loosen up and stop taking life so seriously. With him, nothing is complicated. He's not jealous, not possessive and he trusts me. I feel free, I can be myself and not worry about what he might say or think. He accepts me and loves me the way I am.

He's a great teacher. He's passionate and can talk about something he cares about for hours. He likes explaining things and is very patient. He also likes learning and is open to new things. He's always up for trying something new or doing things differently. He's fun and playful!

Like a lot of guys, communication was not his strong point when we met. This caused a lot of frustrations at first, especially since communication IS one of my strong points! ;) But I'm lucky because Mario made a lot of efforts and communication is no longer an issue for us.

My boyfriend and I are both independent (but committed) persons. We love each other's company, but we also love our freedom and doing things on our own. We wouldn't be happy with a controlling partner! We're both free thinkers and unconventional people.

Mario doesn't care about paper, stationery and letters, but he's happy that I love that sort of stuff and is always ready to listen to my ramblings on these topics. He's very supportive!

He's generous, caring and helpful. When someone needs help, he's always there! He's friendly and outgoing. I've never met anyone who didn't like him. He doesn't care about what others think of him though and he follows his own path.

My boyfriend reminds me of my dad in some ways. I'm sad that they didn't get to meet in this life, but I know that I would have had my dad's approval!

I'm glad that my son and my boyfriend get along. Louis-Justin often tells Mario that he loves him! For the last two weeks, when Nicolas wasn't available, Mario went with my little guy to his swimming lessons.

He's goofy and will do anything to make me laugh. It doesn't always work at first, but I usually end up laughing at him anyway because he's so silly! I love him!

Julie xox


  1. this is so sweet!

  2. Hey Julie. Love the photos and what you wrote. You have a wonderful family, and your boyfriend looks like the lead singer from

  3. Is lovely to be loved and to love :D