Thursday, August 6, 2009


My baby will turn 5 years old on Saturday! He's such a big boy now! We're going to have a party at my mom's house and I'll be sure to take photos. I have fun games and activities planned. It should be his best birthday ever!

Here's what Louis-Justin looked like the day I brought him home.

And here's what he looked like tonight!

How many days until your birthday?

How old are you going to be?

Louis-Justin likes taking photos almost as much as I do, so we bought him his own camera last year. It's orange! He loves it.

Taking a picture of my feet...

Looking at the picture of my feet!

I love him so much! I'm so proud of being his mom! <3

Julie xox

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  1. He's cute! Wish him a happy birthday from me tomorrow xx