Saturday, September 5, 2009

Funny mail

When I was younger, I used to receive a ton of weird letters. My address was all over friendship books, slams and decos, I had a few ads published in magazines (mostly French ones) and I was a member of some penpalling clubs. So it meant that my mailbox was rarely empty. Unfortunately, a lot of letters I received weren't that interesting, but at least it kept me entertained.

Nowadays, I only receive letters from my regular penpals. I stopped swapping years ago, but I still occasionally get a full slam in the mail now and then. However, it seems that my address was recently distributed to a few girls who belong to a penpalling club because I received a couple of first letters last week.

The first girl didn't tell me much about herself, but she talked about her neighbors! I had to laugh. Who writes a whole page about their neighbors in a first letter?!

The second one made a bunch of mistakes even though English is her first language. Don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect either! I do make mistakes too, but English is my second language and I still know the difference between your and you're! The mistake that made me laugh the most was "proberly" instead of "probably".

I don't want to sound mean or anything, but I think I'll stick to my regular penpals, thanks!

Julie xox


  1. Hi Julie,
    nice blog, I came accross your blog when I was looking for penpals, since I started how I missed this activity, though I still have contact with some of them, but I feel like having more...:)

  2. The same happened to me, years ago I used to receive tons of letters almost everyday because I used to write down in friendship book and I guess the whole Portugal was seeking for someone to write three words about the weather... Anyway this made me to think how our lives change, penpalling shows us a bit it, I guess, in some time we decide to look for something in special we are anymore looking for the unkown if you understand my point of view.

    Now, I am only seeking for one more thing, a french speaking penfriend, because I miss my french ^^. I know you speak french, but I didn't write this message to ask you nothing, I am just ... writing ^^


  3. Nelda, I'm glad that you found my blog and I hope that you'll find new wonderful penpals to write letters with! :)

    Joana, it's true that we change over time and what we're looking for evolves too... Oh and I didn't know that you could speak French! Good luck in finding a penpal who writes French! I know there are plenty on InterPals, I once did a search for French speaking people and there were so many results...

    Julie xox