Friday, September 4, 2009


Here are some random thoughts:

- I love autumn and am happy with the recent lower temps! :)

- My boyfriend turned 26 on September 2. Yes, Mario is younger than me! All you can eat sushi for $14.99 makes us happy.

- My friend Véronique turned 30 on August 26, my sister is turning 35 on September 9. It will be my turn to enter my thirties in about 3 months... I know that the time is passing and that I'm evolving, but somehow I don't feel that I'm getting older.

- I'm in the mood to write letters. Julia, Cindy, Stéphanie, Tina, Tasha and Shivanee should hopefully be hearing from me within the next month or so.

- Louis-Justin got his hair cut this week. I'm not used to seeing him with short hair like that! (Mental note: take photos.)

- My little guy will be starting his theatre / drama / acting lessons / classes or whatever they're called in English (cours de théâtre, bon!) next week! We're both excited.

- I need to go to the post office to mail some orders and a letter to my penpal Marie-France.


Julie xox

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