Saturday, November 21, 2009


Today is my dog Astuce's birthday! She's turning 7 years old!

As a friend recently reminded me, animals are our friends and we should treat them with love and respect! For some people, this might mean not eating meat and not buying leather, but for others it might mean supporting animal shelters or simply being kind to all living creatures.

Happy birthday Astutu!

Julie xox


  1. Happy Birthday little one! :-)

    You are soooo right Julie! Animals are wonderful and trusty friends....they give so much love and they are always by your side!!

    Hope there´s a little pressie waiting for her!?


  2. ^_^She's so sweet!!! ^_^ Thank you for supporting this little movement. Indeed, people have different ways to understand what's to treat animals well and love them, and the important is that they do. Sadly other people don't think animals have to be treated well, because they are not people. Hopefully we can make them realize that animals, just like us, deserve to be happy.

  3. She's such a doll! Please hug or pet her for me!

  4. She is so small ans so cute ^^ Happy b-day Astuce!! What was her gift? A heart full of love and cuddles ^^

    I already am passing the message in my blog, and also about the Vote for Earth, I have a hyper link to vote it in my blog, if you want , we all should do it.

    Anyway, I do feel very happy in my pets birthdays. I don't know they exaclty, because they are adopted, but I know the month (so-so) and I picked a day, to give them even more cuddles.

    Huge Astuce for me too ***