Sunday, November 1, 2009

Swap-bot & Postcrossing

I've been thinking about joining Swap-bot and Postcrossing for a while now because a lot of people mention these websites and I'm curious! (The question I should ask myself though is "Do I really need another addiction?!")

The Missive Maven is currently hosting a Cat Postcard Swap on Swap-bot and it sounds like fun. I have quite a few cat postcards that would be perfect for the occasion!

If any of you are members of these sites, please let me know what your opinions are!


Julie xox


  1. Hey Julie,
    As a devoted "penpaller" myself, I've been following your blog and twitter for a while now (@bfersapiens) and I'm a member of Postcrossing. So I think I can give you my opinion about it.
    I've received the most amazing postcards from places I didn't even imagine existed, but I've also had problems (more so lately) since some people do not register the postcards they receive, and as a result I don't get anything in exchange. Because that's the way it works, you send up to 5 postcards and as soon as the recepients get them and register them you start getting some others in return.
    It is fun!! But you have to be patient though.

  2. I really like postcrossing... I used to do it all the time, but dont do it anymore, because of postage.. its expensive, and Id rather use my money for sending letters... swapbot is pretty neat! Ive only particpated in a few swaps on there... none recently, though. I was very happy with one of the swaps, and a bit disappointed with the other... but overall, theres a HUGE variety of swaps to chose from, which is really neat :D

  3. SwapBot is cool but mostly, at least from what I saw, for creative mind. Which shouldn't be a problem for you ;)
    Since it's not my case I prefer postcrossing but both are fun and quite different. You can hardly be deceive by a postcard but you can with a swap where you give all yourself and receive something that meet the swap rules or your expectations. But still, it is fun, you can find original swap : I exchange newspaper with someone. My swap partern don't know a word of french but was glad to receive Le Monde with international news, she got an insight of what France see as important on an international plan. Same for me, I received national USA news, it was cool : long time I didn't read comic stips :D

  4. i recently joined postcrossing and so far i like it. i'm impatient though, and get irked that though i've sent 9 cards, some haven't been registered so i can't send anymore until they are.

    but like anonymous said, postage is expensive and i should really spend it on the letters i need to send!

  5. Just thought id give my opinions on swap bot.

    It is good fun and you can recive some really imaginative and thoughtful things from your swap partners... however it is hugely based on trust and I find you tend to get nothing sent to you from alot of the swappers which is a shame as for everything you do receive its lovely post!

  6. Thanks for helping get the word out about my cat postcard swap!

    As for the "do I need another addiction?"... well...

    But I'm enjoying both Postcrossing and SwapBot a lot. I will present one perspective the other comments may not have covered: as you are a paper products designer and seller, these outlets can be a great way to promote your products for free. Link from your profile, write your blog address on what you send, and people will look at it.

  7. Nice to read these comments, because I'm also at the moment thinking if I should join Swap-bot, because it sounds so interesting!
    I have been a postcrosser almost three years, and I have liked it a lot. I also have got friends via it with whom I have been in contact also after just sending or receiving one card. So I really can recommend Postcrossing to you!
    For me this Swap-bot sounds even more interesting, because there you can choose between different swaps and therefore concentrate more into your own interests. - But as I said, I'm not familiar with Swap-bot, so I really don't know. :)

  8. Hi - I am one of the creators of Swap-bot and I have been swapping there for over four years. Of course, I love it. It is a great place to meet new people and promote your small business. Of course, there will always be some flaking (non-sending of swaps), but we do have a feedback system which helps makes things a little safer. Plus, we have the option of private or group swaps which are more exclusive... Anyhoo, I hope you join!

  9. I have been on Postcrossing for over 3 years and have met wonderful people all over the world. It is more than just postcards. But Swap-Bot has more variety. I am new to Swap-Bot though.