Sunday, December 20, 2009


I love envelopes, but before I had my stationery shop, I didn't buy a lot of colorful ones for several reasons - one of them being that most pretty envelopes I found were sold in packs of 25 or 50 with the same design or same color. Since I like a variety, it would have been too expensive to get more than a couple of colors at once.

Now that I have my own stationery business, I have thousands of envelopes, so I thought I could sell them in small packs of assorted colors. These won't be sold in my shop forever though - I just have a few extra packs for sale since I'm using the other ones for my letter sets.

Click on any image to see the whole listing on Etsy.

Pack A - 16 envelopes (4 available)

Pack B - 16 envelopes (2 available)

Pack C - 15 envelopes (6 available)

Pack D - 16 metallic envelopes (3 available)

Julie xox

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