Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stationery Finds #3 - Snowmen

Louis-Justin and I had fun building snowmen in the front yard recently since there have been a few snowstorms over the last couple of weeks... I don't remember the last time I played in the snow and had that much fun - it must have been over 15 years ago!

It gave me the idea of featuring snowman stationery on my blog, so here you go! If you like what you see, just click on the pictures to see the full listings.

If you're still looking for holiday cards, JumpingJackDesigns has a cute set for you. A snowman + red birds (you know my love for cardinals) = a great combo.

This snowman looks like an overweight grandma to me - I love it! Chichiboulie, an illustrator from France, specializes in artwork and creations for children and the young-at-heart.

You can tell that StarLitStudio makes her notebooks with love and care! This kit of 2 snow people notebooks is cute and elegant at the same time.

I want to be friends with this snowman enjoying his slurpee! Joy from SugarBeetPress has a few holiday cards in her shop and this one is my favorite along with the Candy Cane.

Connie from TheTinyFig has some cute gift tags that can be used for Christmas as well as winter birthdays.

Need some pretty stickers to use as envelope seals? sugarivy has several designs (check out the strawberries and cupcakes!), including these adorable snowmen and penguins.

Julie from bohtieque has an amazing selection of labels in her little shop. The round ones seem to be very popular - isn't this snowgirl adorable?

I use notepads for everything. They make wonderful gifts too! This one is magnetic and can go on your refrigerator. Hilary must love snowmen too because she has a snowman bookmark, a snowman brooch and a snowglobe wall hanging in her shop, sweetpaperart.

Here's a gorgeous notebook made by Liane of PrairieGarden. And it's currently on sale!

For those of you who like glitter, I found this nice little set of mini notecards by Melissa of whimsypics. There are also bigger snowman cards in her shop as well as glittery gift tags.

These postcards by Caroline of calobee make me laugh. Let it snow, man!

These tiny greeting cards make my heart melt. Aren't they sweet? At MerryBluesArt, you can also find cards printed on banana paper!

Finally, these holiday journal notebooks made by Zany are just too cute to pass up. The snowmen look so cheerful!

I hope you enjoyed my selection of little snowmen! Any favorites? And when was the last time that YOU built a snowman? ;)

Julie xox


  1. I love the notebook, I am mad about notebooks, and all the stuff you chose. I never made a snowman, I only saw snow once and for one day, but I made a snow ball to test it and I hope to go to some country in the near future of of snow, so I can roll on it, I hope it still exists in that time. :/

  2. Really, you've only seen snow once?! Wow! I checked on Wikipedia and apparently there's only snow in the north of Portugal... But yes, I hope you get to play in the snow someday, it's wonderful! xox

  3. Yes, only North, more to the inside of the country and in the highest point, called Serra da Estrela, which is our sky place =P, I only went there in summer, and it is like hell. In January of this year snow fell in all the country for one day, and it was the day I saw it and touched it and played on it =P like a child!

  4. Thanks for including my little men! :) The selection is ROCKSTAR - I love all of them!

  5. Thanks so much for including my Snow Slurpee card! I love all these snowmen, what a great post. Hopefully I can build a real one with my son tomorrow--a big storm is on the way!!!