Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How I've changed over the years...

When I was 1, my babysitter offered me flowers for my birthday.
Now that I'm 30, my mom got me flowers for my birthday (see photo).

When I was 2, I went to France to visit my mom's family.
Now that I'm 30, I want to go back to France to visit my penpals!

When I was 3, my favorite toys were my dolls.
Now that I'm 30, my favorite "toys" are paper products.

When I was 4, I spent at least an hour trying to kill an ant.
Now that I'm 30, I feel sad whenever insects are killed.

When I was 5, I wanted to be a florist.
Now that I'm 30, I'm a stationery designer and business owner.

When I was 6, my favorite season was summer.
Now that I'm 30, I prefer the peacefulness of autumn.

When I was 7, I started writing to my first penpal.
Now that I'm 30, almost 23 years later, I still have penpals and love writing letters.

When I was 8, my favorite meal was lasagna.
Now that I'm 30, sushi beats everything!

When I was 9, I hated peppers and onions.
Now that I'm 30, they're some of my favorite vegetables.

When I was 10, the most important thing to me was being the best.
Now that I'm 30, the most important thing to me is being happy.

When I was 11, I skipped the 6th grade.
Now that I'm 30, I'm homeschooling my son because I don't like the school system.

Shortly before I turned 12, I met Véronique, who became my best friend all through high school.
Now that I'm 30, Véronique is still one of my best friends and our kids are friends too!

When I was 13, my idol was Madonna.
Now that I'm 30, I realize that Michael Jackson is (was) a much better singer.

When I was 14, I thought that adults were boring.
Now that I'm 30, I still think that most adults are boring.

When I was 15, my bedroom was so messy that reaching my bed at night was a challenge.
Now that I'm 30, I love clean spaces but still have too much stuff.

When I was 16, I loved talking on the phone for 6-8 hours at a time (my record was probably around 14 hours).
Now that I'm 30, I hate the phone - please don't call too often.

When I was 17, I thought that looks mattered.
Now that I'm 30, I realize that they don't.

When I was 18, I had my first real paid summer job.
Now that I'm 30, I would never consider working for someone else again.

When I was 19, I was fascinated by serial killers.
Now that I'm 30, I prefer cute baby animals, flowers and rainbows.

When I was 20, I dated a few girls.
Now that I'm 30, I think girls are way too complicated and I'm happy to be with the most relaxed, easy-going man on the planet.

When I was 21, I was anxious, depressed and self-conscious.
Now that I'm 30, I can get stressed easily at times but I'm more balanced and at peace with myself.

When I was 22, after my grandpa died, I moved into his old house.
Now that I'm 30, I still live in this house and I feel sort of protected here.

When I was 23, I had a car but didn't know how to drive it.
Now that I'm 30, I have my license and I enjoy driving alone to good music.

When I was 24, I gave birth to a wonderful little human being.
Now that I'm 30, I'm grateful for all the experiences.

When I was 25, my dad died from lung cancer.
Now that I'm 30, I realize that it made me a better, stonger person.

When I was 26, take-out was always the best option.
Now that I'm 30, I enjoy cooking at home!

When I was 27, I met my boyfriend.
Now that I'm 30, I can say that Mario is the first man I love the right way, for the right reasons.

When I was 28, I hated beer and wine.
Now that I'm 30, I enjoy wine but still hate beer.

When I was 29, I wasn't looking forward to entering my thirties.
Now that I'm 30, I think it's going to be a fun ride!

Julie xox


  1. Dear Julie,

    20's... that one made me laugh. I dated some girls too you see, only I was a tad older, and I came to the same conclusion: they are too complicated, too demanding, too dramatic, and boys are better (at least for me).

    Now, I don't want to pop your bubble, but though 30's are awesome, I've heard that the real deal is 40's.

    A lot of people, but mostly women, fear the 30's and consider them the end of their lives, while in reality, at least for us women, 30's is the "I won't take bull from anyone"-age. This is when you add sense-of-self to "fabulous" and loose the fake sense of charm of being "naive" for the "not only I know what I want, but I can also get it for myself".

    Welcome to your thirties, my friend! Strap on for the trip!

  2. Aw, what a beautiful post. I loved reading it.

  3. Belated happy birthday, Julie, my fellow Sagittarius. What a great post. You are such a calm and positive person, Julie and I think you have a beautiful soul. Welcome to your thirties.

  4. Hmm.... I guess I also dated girls, maybe more seriously one, but we always saw it has a strange friendship =P, anyway I don't think that girls are that hard to deal with, some men also freak me out, but I 'm happy I have my own man to freak me out,, I am used and like it *eh eh eh*

    I likes this you made very much Julie. It thought that I would like to write the same, but I what I would write till now? I have things to tell but I'll wait even more so ages can bring me even more knowledge, that is the magic of age.