Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lower Shipping

Good news!

I was sad that some people couldn't afford my stationery because of the shipping costs, especially customers from overseas... So I did a few magic tricks and ta-da! Shipping has been reduced on ALL items in my store!

Of course, Canada Post being Canada Post, I still have to ask a bit more than what I'd like to charge, but it's still an improvement.

If you bought 2 grocery lists yesterday, the total cost would have been (including shipping):

For Canadian customers ---> $17.25 - but is now only $16.76!
For American customers ---> $21.25 - but is now only $19.00!
For International customers ---> $26.50 - but is now only $22!

So if you're interested in getting some stationery to give as Christmas presents, there's still time! To make sure that your order arrives on time, you have until...

December 14 for Canadian and American customers &
December 7 for International customers.

Julie xox

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