Saturday, December 5, 2009

Stationery Finds #1 - Christmas Cards

As of today, there will be a new weekly feature on my blog!

Every Monday = Penpal of the Week
Every Thursday = Stationery Finds

I'm starting this today (during the weekend) instead of next Thursday because my first theme is Christmas cards and the holidays are quickly approaching... So if anyone wants to buy cards, now is the time!

There will be a new theme every week (letter sets, envelopes, cats, notepads, stickers, vegetables, love, tags, etc) and I'll only feature handmade products by fellow designers, artists and small business owners. Nothing commercial / industrial! Just items made with love and care! :)

So let me start with these gorgeous Winter Wonderland greeting cards by TheNebulousKingdom. Anne-Julie is a talented artist from France who mostly sells prints and paper products.

I also love this set of 4 cards by artractions from Budapest. Watercolor is so pretty!

Another wonderful illustrator from Europe is Livia from Romania. You can see her artwork in her store SmallPaintings. Here is one of her Christmas card sets!

Lyndsey from LyndseyRyanDesign has some awesome pinup greeting cards in her shop, but today I wanted to show you her Snowy Cardinal Holiday Greeting Card.

Cardinal being my boyfriend's last name, I had to search for more of these beautiful birds and I found a lovely card by Blakeswork. The best part? It comes with a cute handmade ornament.

Priscilla from Lockette makes her cards with fabric! I especially like this set with mittens.

Michelle from bubblyshnooks has such a fun, vibrant, colorful style! Don't you just want a hug from that cute polar bear?!

My friend Helena from littlemoandfriends has a great selection of stationery in her eco-friendly store. I sometimes forget that not everyone has snow in December, so this card is fantastic for people who aren't used to having a White Christmas!

And for those who like vintage looking stuff, these repurposed collage cards by StoriesDivinations are perfect.

This is just one of belleandboo's adorable Christmas cards - you definitely have to visit Mandy's store to look at them all!

Sarah Jane from sarahjanestudios has a shop full of delightful children illustrations. This Christmas card reminds me of how childhood should be: joyful and carefree.

Christmas postcards are wonderful too! I love this set of 5 by thelightgarden. Verity is an artist from Australia who now lives in Turkey.

More holiday postcards, this time by penpalsink. And they're recycled!

My mom collects turtles, so I'm always on the lookout for turtle stuff. Here's a funny card by shopheartsandanchors.

Miki from FreshLemonBlossoms handmade these pretty mini notecards. She also makes beautiful holiday gift tags!

Penny from pocketcarnival has some cute characters who wear funky hats. Here's a pack of 3 Christmas cards.

Finally, meet Sleepy Monster, Knitting Monster, Santa Monster and Baker Monster! These adorable creatures are created by Jannie from ChickengirlDesign.

That's it for this time! I hope you enjoyed my selection of Christmas cards! Which one is your favorite?

Julie xox


  1. I am so honored that you've included my mini Santa cards with all these amazing cards! Thank you so much for including me with all these talented handmade card designers!!

  2. Julie, you are so so sweet in featuring my monster cards!! Thank you so much...I appreciate it! Happy holidays :-)

  3. Thanks Julie for featuring my Little Mo cards! I love all the illustrations you've featured here, they are so different and unique!

  4. Wow, amazing collection of cards! Thanks for featuring mine :)

  5. Thank you so much for including my Snowy Cardinal card in this fabulous collection!!! Happy Holidays!
    **Lindsey Ryan Design**

  6. Wow, what a great collection, I really cannot decide which one I like best, maybe the watercoloured ones? Also the turtle is funny ;) hehe, it cheered me up

    thanks for sharing

  7. All the cards you featured are so darn cute! Love the snowy wintery look...and what talented artists. The monsters are my favorite. I do hope I receive some cool cards like this in the mail this year.

    I was wondering where you find the penpal of the week to interview...? So interesting!

  8. Thank you for the sweet comments, everyone! I really liked doing this feature!

    And Garci, to answer your question about the Penpal of the Week... I asked a few people that I found on InterPals, but most of the people I interviewed found me through my blog and contacted me directly. Would you be interested in being Penpal of the Week sometime, by any chance? ;)

    Julie xox

  9. thank you so much for featuring Belle & Boo alongside some of my favourite artists

  10. Julie,

    Sure I would like to be a Penpal of the Week sometime.


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