Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Clearance + Big News!

I know that I've neglected my blog over the last week or so, but I've had other stuff on my mind lately! (It doesn't help that my beloved computer went on strike - at least I have my laptop, but I can't use it for some work-related stuff...) Things have been crazy since I turned 30 years old - I never thought that there would be so many changes in my life in such a short period of time...

Two of these big changes:

Change number 1 ---> I'm going to be moving soon! Nicolas has been my ex for about 3 years now and even though I love my son's dad very much (as a friend only, obviously), it's time to move on. We stayed in the same house for so long because of financial reasons, but hopefully I'll be able to manage and support myself fully within the next couple of months.

Nicolas will be staying here and I will be buying a house. I visited a cute little red one last weekend and I liked it, but it was too noisy because it's on a busy street. And there's no real living room either, so it's not too practical since I plan on inviting friends over more regularly after I move! :)

Things are happening quickly, but I think that I'm probably going to have a house built for me on my mom's vacant piece of land next to her house. Having a new house would be wonderful, but it will obviously take a little longer to be able to officially move in than if I buy a house that's already built. It will be worth it though!

Change number 2 ---> We've Got Paper will no longer be... I'm still going to be designing and selling stationery, but I need a name change. To make a long story short, We've Got Paper was an inside joke with friends and I never really liked the name. Now that I need to make a living of my stationery, I'll have to start selling locally so I want a French name! More about that in a future post.

With the new name will come a new look, new logo, new business cards, new products... My stationery will also probably be printed on 100% recycled paper! :) I want to do what I can for the environment.

So in the meantime, I need to get rid of all my inventory so that I can start fresh. Some of the items in my shop are already on sale:

Vintage Cantaloupe - $7 (only 2 left!)

Forest Friends - $7 (EDITED - SOLD OUT!)

Pin-up Notecards - $5 (only 4 left!)

Panda Girl Flat Notecards - $2 (only 4 left!)

Also, if you're interested in purchasing several items from me, just shoot me an email (you can find it by clicking on "view my complete profile") or send me a convo via Etsy and let me know exactly what you'd like to buy and I'll give you a BIG discount. :)


Julie xox

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