Sunday, January 31, 2010

More News + More Clearance

I had been thinking about it for a few years, but I finally gave my dog Capsule away yesterday. I know it was the best decision for everyone involved, but it still made me sad.

She's such a lovely dog and she deserves a family who will take care of her properly. Our lifestyle just isn't right for a big dog. Astuce, our small Boston Terrier, on the other hand, is perfectly happy here, so I'm keeping her and of course Tortille the cat. I hope Capsule has a good life with her new friends.

In other news, more letter sets are now on sale in my store!

Diablotine - $7 (only 4 left!)

Meow - $7 (only 4 left!)

Look in the CLEARANCE section of my shop for more stationery at a discounted price!

I hope everyone has a nice weekend,

Julie xox

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