Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cirque du Soleil

My day was slightly better today, but I still wasn't my usual happy self.

I found out that the 4 year old boy I talked about yesterday does have cancer and it's not looking very good. Let's hope he recovers! I can't help but feel sad for his parents.

Tomorrow, my mom, Louis-Justin and I are going to see Ovo. Have any of you heard about Cirque du Soleil? When it started, about 25 years ago, it was fairly small and only popular here in Qu├ębec, but now it's known worldwide!

I'm sure the show will be fantastic. I've seen photos and it looks very impressive. Louis-Justin is really excited! Unfortunately, cameras aren't allowed inside the Grand Chapiteau (Big Top), so I won't be able to show you pictures.

I'm happy because I'm almost all caught up on my mail! I'm sending a 20 page letter with 41 photos to my wonderful penpal Cindy in BC on Monday (we share the same birthday!) and then I only have 2 letters to write. I received mail from Shawna in Alberta and Marie-France from France recently. It feels good to no longer owe letters to all my penpals!

I hope everyone's having a good weekend!

Julie xox


  1. I love Cirque du Soleil. They once came near where I live, but I was unable to go. You must write all about it!

  2. I can not wait to hear from you!!! <3

  3. *hugs* I hope things get better. Have fun at Cirque du Soleil!

    (I just realized i could use my LJ username on here. Wow!) Hahah.

  4. They've been in OKC a couple of times. Eventually I would like to see them live - the tickets tend to be pricey, but I know the shows are amazing. (We've seen dvds.) :)